Wayfinding Tool


Please enter your first name, email address and zip code to access the games and share your feedback. The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce agrees to not share email address with any third parties, but may send emails out to all respondents to let you know when the complete results are in, and/or to follow up with future updates to the neighborhood wayfinding project.

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Welcome to the Edgewater neighborhood wayfinding tool. The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce and SSA #26 are sponsoring this online tool to collect feedback on how people move throughout the neighborhood. This information will be used to explore ways to add new wayfinding features and streetscape furnishings throughout the neighborhood in order to make Edgewater a better neighborhood to live, work and shop in. Please watch the short video below for an overview of how to play some of the games included in this tool. Click on the Get Started button below when you are ready to play!