Wayfinding Tool


Please enter your first name, email address and zip code to access the games and share your feedback. The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce agrees to not share email address with any third parties, but may send emails out to all respondents to let you know when the complete results are in, and/or to follow up with future updates to the neighborhood wayfinding project.

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The tool is set up around three different games that you can play in any order as desired. If you forget how to play any of the games, click on the Instructions buttons below each game for a short video overview of the game. Click any of the Play buttons to get started.
(Ave Time: 2 Min.)
Short survey about daily activity, neighborhood information and navigation tools.
(Ave Time: 5 Min.)

Photo-based game to "like" examples of signage, wayfinding tools, and streetscape furniture (such as benches, bike racks, etc.)

(Ave Time: 10 Min.)
Interactive map drawing game to show how you move through the neighborhood (walking, biking, driving, transit) as well as the typical routes you take.